RIEM Italy Innovates with a New Advanced Compressed Air Central System

RIEM Italy Innovates with a New Advanced Compressed Air Central System

By Germana Falcone

RIEM Italy, a formidable presence with 40 years of exceptional experience in the compressed air system maintenance sector, has recently surpassed another milestone. In an exquisite fusion of tradition and modern innovation, RIEM Italy unveiled a new central compressed air system, exemplifying cutting-edge technology in collaboration with CECCATO—a brand synonymous with unwavering quality and reliability in the Italian compressed air machinery market.

Installed to power a front-line waste recycling facility nestled in the heart of southern-central Italy, this new venture embarks on a journey combining power and sustainability. The plant houses two robust lubricated screw electro-compressors, each boasting a formidable 75 kW power, paired meticulously with two refrigeration cycle dryers. A move calculated to optimize quality and reliability, choosing CECCATO as the brand of choice marks a pivotal decision in ensuring the system’s unparalleled performance and dependability.

But innovation doesn’t stop there. RIEM Italy’s strategic investment into new-generation compressed air distribution backbones heralds an era of efficiency and precision. These latest inclusions, fashioned from extruded aluminum tubes, are intricately designed to enhance the flow of compressed air, minimizing pressure losses and facilitating optimal distribution throughout the operational landscape.

In a remarkable blend of flexibility and security, RIEM Italy, alongside CECCATO, has embraced a long-term rental formula for this state-of-the-art installation. A move that seamlessly ensures uninterrupted and steadfast production activities, safeguarding against unforeseen operational hiccups and potential costs. This thoughtful approach, coupled with a comprehensive five-year service agreement, provides an armor of warranty against any primary machinery part malfunctions, ensuring a cushion of reliability and peace of mind.

RIEM Italy’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation shines through in this recent installation. By crafting a robust, technologically advanced compressed air central system, they have equipped the user with a fortress of reliability, efficiency, and uninterrupted operational flow. In collaboration with CECCATO, this venture exemplifies a seamless amalgamation of quality, innovation, and comprehensive service solutions, creating a beacon of compressed air solution brilliance in the heart of Italy.

Riem Italy

RIEM Italy is a company based in Rome that has been active in the compressed air sector for over 40 years. It produces AIREND and COOLERS compatible with the oil-free compressors of the "Z" series. It also offers maintenance services for volumetric compressors (screw, piston, lubricated and oil-free lobes), blowers, vacuum pumps, dryers, and everything related to the production and treatment of compressed air.


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