How to Revise an Oil-Free Screw Element for Air Compressors, Saving Costs and Retaining New Performance Levels

By Germana Falcone

Oil-free screw air compressors are instrumental devices that play a pivotal role across various industrial domains, ensuring optimal operation devoid of oil. Their uniqueness lies within the screw elements of the pumping components, which don’t make contact during operation, thus preventing unwanted friction and ensuring impeccable synchronization. However, like all machinery, these compressors are not immune to wear and tear over time, particularly the deterioration of the PTFE-based (Teflon) polymer coatings.

Teflon, as time progresses and the screws accumulate working hours, tends to degrade, compromising the compressor’s functionality. In such situations, even if the mechanical components of the screw assembly remain operational, the absence of proper coating adversely impacts the system’s overall efficiency.

Fortunately, an efficient and cost-effective solution is provided by Riem Italy. Thanks to their profound experience and cutting-edge technology, Riem Italy manages to conduct a comprehensive zero-hour revision of the element, restoring the worn-out coating and recuperating most mechanical parts still in prime working condition.

Choosing professional revision by qualified experts like those at Riem Italy is a decision that not only facilitates significant savings by avoiding total element replacement but also ensures that the compressor resumes operations with efficiency and performance levels comparable to a brand-new device.

In conclusion, investing in a meticulous revision of your oil-free screw air compressor is a winning strategy to uphold performance levels, simultaneously ensuring significant savings and extending the operational longevity of your crucial industrial machinery. With Riem Italy, quality, efficiency, and durability are always assured.

Riem Italy

RIEM Italy is a company based in Rome that has been active in the compressed air sector for over 40 years. It produces AIREND and COOLERS compatible with the oil-free compressors of the "Z" series. It also offers maintenance services for volumetric compressors (screw, piston, lubricated and oil-free lobes), blowers, vacuum pumps, dryers, and everything related to the production and treatment of compressed air.


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