RIEM Italy: Your Trustworthy Partner for Compressor Components and Service

By Germana Falcone

RIEM Italy stands out in the compressor sector, building a reputation based on experience and innovation. With years of dedicated commitment, we specialize in manufacturing essential components and spare parts for compressors, encompassing air and gas varieties, both oil-free and lubricated.

Specialized Production and Reverse Engineering

One of RIEM Italy’s distinctive capabilities is the ability to execute reverse engineering processes, specifically for stainless steel shell and tube heat exchangers. This proficiency allows us to meet our clients’ specific needs, ensuring products that align with high standards of quality and compatibility.

Responding to Market Needs

Recently, due to Atlas Copco’s decision to declare certain models of the ZR series (3,4,5, and 6) obsolete, we have observed a significant increase in requests for specific spare parts. RIEM Italy is proud to announce that we can meet these demands, providing a reliable supply of air-water and air-air exchangers, entirely compatible with Atlas Copco’s production products.

Quality and Compatibility

Our exchangers, which can also be manufactured in Duplex, are assembled using automated machines that ensure precise and durable welding. Every exchanger we produce meticulously adheres to the thermal exchange capacities specified by the original manufacturer, ensuring complete compatibility with original equipment components.


Choosing RIEM Italy means opting for a trusted partner capable of offering customized solutions, unparalleled quality, and dedicated customer service. Our expertise in manufacturing compressor components and providing maintenance aligns us closely with market needs, offering products and services that exceed expectations.


Riem Italy

RIEM Italy is a company based in Rome that has been active in the compressed air sector for over 40 years. It produces AIREND and COOLERS compatible with the oil-free compressors of the "Z" series. It also offers maintenance services for volumetric compressors (screw, piston, lubricated and oil-free lobes), blowers, vacuum pumps, dryers, and everything related to the production and treatment of compressed air.


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