The installation of the AIRnet system by Riem Italy

The installation of the AIRnet system by Riem Italy

By Germana Falcone

The collaboration between 3emmegi and Riem Italy Srl marks a significant chapter in the landscape of energy efficiency and technological innovation. The installation of the AIRnet system by Riem Italy, a leading company in the field of industrial compressors, emphasizes the importance of advanced solutions for compressed air management. This partnership not only reflects the ambition of both companies towards technological progress but also highlights their joint commitment to a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Technical Details of the System

The AIRnet system installed at the new headquarters of 3emmegi represents a significant evolution in compressed air management. Designed with precision, it aims to optimize air distribution by reducing energy losses and ensuring a constant and reliable flow. This result translates into a reduction in operational costs and a safer work environment. The innovative AIRnet system significantly improves energy efficiency and reduces maintenance needs thanks to its extraordinary durability. The materials used are of high quality and designed to withstand corrosion, thus ensuring a long-lasting system without the constant need for interventions. The ease of installation and the modularity of the system also allow for a flexible configuration, adaptable to the specific needs of the new 3emmegi headquarters. These technical details not only demonstrate the efficiency and innovation of the system but also reflect the commitment of Riem Italy Srl towards cutting-edge and reliable solutions. The investment in such an advanced system underscores the futuristic vision of both companies in optimizing resources and promoting greater environmental sustainability.

The Added Value of Riem Italy Srl

The choice to entrust the installation of the AIRnet system to Riem Italy Srl is no coincidence. With over four decades of experience, the company ensures not only technical expertise but also impeccable customer service, with 24-hour national coverage. The installation of the AIRnet system is not just a step towards efficiency and sustainability but also an investment in the future, thanks to the quality and reliability guaranteed by Riem Italy Srl.

Riem Italy

RIEM Italy is a company based in Rome that has been active in the compressed air sector for over 40 years. It produces AIREND and COOLERS compatible with the oil-free compressors of the "Z" series. It also offers maintenance services for volumetric compressors (screw, piston, lubricated and oil-free lobes), blowers, vacuum pumps, dryers, and everything related to the production and treatment of compressed air.


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